Drop Shipping

Do you drop ship?

Yes, we drop ship for no additional fee.  Please note that our inventory is limited and we cannot guarantee availability of any particular product.  To place a drop-ship order, simply place the order online and note that it is a drop ship with the receiver's address for shipping.

Will my customer receive an invoice?


Can I use your images and descriptions to promote these products?  Do you have a feed?

Absolutely!  We encourage it.  In fact, we've made it convenient to access all of this information by providing you with access to a folder of all our images, as well as an Excel feed of all of our products.  Just click on the "Downloads" box to the right for access to these resources.

What is your shipping time and method?

We ship within 1-3 business days via USPS First Class Mail.

Do you provide tracking information?

Absolutely.  You will receive an email with a tracking number.  In addition, you will be able to access that information in your account order history.

I'm concerned that you won't have an item in stock when I sell it.  What should I do?

Some sellers will purchase one of each item that they plan to offer and, once sold, place the order on our site.  If we're out of stock, then you will have the back up.

How can I stay informed of what items sell out or are re-stocked?

We maintain a list of all items that Sell Out, are Re-Stocked and are New to our website, all in chronological order.  To see this information, simply look at the "Trending" information box to the right-hand side of our site.

Do you drop ship internationally?

No.  International shipping from the US is much to expensive to support drop shipping internationally.

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