How did Wholesale Jewelry Zone come about?

As a company, we have been a family business since 2003.  We started as a wholesale supplier of home goods and built our first (and only) retail store in 2009.  Jewelry quickly became an important part of our business and we found much difficulty in locating a reliable and cost-effective supplier.  We began to purchase lots of closeout jewelry, but that left us with large quantities of the same items which would takes many years to sell in our shop.  In simple terms, what do we do with 150 of the same exact bracelet?  We started this online business in order to offer some of this same jewelry to retailers across America--supplying our retail store and yours at low-cost prices.

Why can I see prices without registering?

Have you ever gone through the entire registration process only to log in and see what some consider to be "wholesale" prices and laugh out loud?  We have.  Many times.  It's frustrating and often a waste of everyone's time.  We're confident in our pricing and clear terms and we want you to be comfortable, too, without any hassle.

Can I request certain colors or sizes?

Feel free to request certain colors or sizes when ordering from mixed lots.  We will attempt to accommodate your request.  Often, we will not have certain colors or sizes in stock and in that case we will send what we feel is the closest to that request.  In addition, we are not able to send all of one color in a mix such that no other buyers will be able to receive that color.  We can, though, often run heavy on a particular color or size, depending upon availability.


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